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How to use a Foil Quill Freestyle pen

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Want to add foil embellishments to your craft and home décor projects? I’m sharing how to use a foil quill pen to do just that. Learn how this simple tool can add some elegance to just about anything you create.

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What is a foil quill?

A foil quill pen is a simple tool that heats up and allows you to transfer foil to a craft project.

foil quill pen and foil sheets

This little pen is powered by a USB cord and the tip heats up. The barrell is cool with a soft grip allowing you to hold it and draw like you would with any writing tool.

This pen is used with reactive foil that is easily transferred by heat. You can purchase a pen with a variety of tips from fine to bold allowing you to add different looks and amounts of foil to each craft.

Check out this kit with all 3 pen tips and a sample of foil to get started.

Be sure to watch the video to see how easily you can foil just about anything.

What can you embellish with foil?

The simple answer is just about anything.

This foil will react and stick to most hard surfaces. It should not be used on clothing that will need to be washed.

Try using foil and a pen on hats, purses and accessories. You can use it on canvas, wood, leather and paper too.

foil quill pen and notebook

I have used the foil quill to embellish a notebook in this project. I have also used it on cards, gift tags and a purse.

This pen can be used to freehand any text or design you can dream up. You can also use a stamp or stencil to guide your design.

I shared how to use a stencil on a purse in this video.

Below, you can see how I used a stamp to guide my pen and foil a notebook.

foil quill pen and bee on notebook

How to Use a Foil Quill Pen

Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Learn how to add foil to your craft projects with this simple tool.



  1. Select a surface to foil. For this project I am using a faux leather journal.
  2. Cut a piece of foil to match the size of your stamp.
  3. Using washi tape, secure the foil to the notebook.
  4. Stamp the design using permanent ink onto the foil.
  5. Use the foil quill pen to draw over all the stamped lines and color in any spaces.
  6. Lift one side of the foil to check and see if all areas have been foiled, if not lay the foil back down and go over the stamp again.
  7. When finished, remove and discard the foil and washi tape.


Try using different foil quill tips on your design.

Reactive foil comes in a variety of colors, buy a pack of small sheets to use on your crafts.

Did you make this project?

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To get started foiling your crafts, pick up a kit with everything you need.

  • Foil Quill Freestyle Pen Kit – this comes with the 3 freestyle pens in fine medium and bold plus 3 rolls of foil. Everything you need to get started with foiling.

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How to add foil to your crafts

Are you ready to get started with a foil quill pen? What will you foil first?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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