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How to Use the Cricut Brightpad Go

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Today’s post is focused on the Cricut Brightpad Go, a key tool for weeding intricate designs.  Along with the unboxing of the Brightpad Go, I also will show you my first project with it, a very detailed iron-on shirt.      

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Are you new to Cricut?  If so, start here to learn the basics of what a Cricut is. 

Take a look at these other helpful videos.

The Cricut Brightpad Go is a lightbox that illuminates the cut lines in vinyl and paper. It allows you to see each and every cut ensuring you don’t miss a single piece when weeding. This means your projects will come out looking great every time.

Watch the unboxing boxing video to see how easy this is to use right out of the box and how it illuminates cut lines.

Why do you need the Cricut Brightpad Go?

When making intricate designs I can often feel my stress level rising.  I wanted to try the Brightpad Go to see if I could help with the difficulties I can sometimes find in weeding.  

Picking up the Brightpad Go box, you immediately note that it is lightweight.  Upon opening it up you will notice how much it resembles a large tablet.  There are no cords required while you are actually using it, making it extremely portable.  It’s also very thin.  All of these design features make it an ideal accessory.  

What’s in the box

After pulling out the Bightpad Go you will find a small but detailed instruction booklet.  Under this booklet lies a charger plug-in and cord.

There are a few buttons in the top left corner that you should become acquainted with.  A circular power button is closest to the top.  Down just a little further are two more buttons, a plus and a minus.  These control the brightness of the LED light which illuminates the surface.  This setup is great for minimizing eye strain.

I charged the Brightpad Go for a short while, then was able to use it for my first project.

My first Brightpad Go Project

I used some patterned iron-on vinyl and cut a design using my Cricut.  I chose a heart design for my first run.  After that initial cut, I set the vinyl shiny side down on the Brightpad Go. 

I chose to turn up the brightness a good amount to make it easier to see the necessary lines. I like that you can adjust the brightness depending on your design and preference.

Using a weeding tool I pulled off the excess iron-on, then got to work weeding out all the pieces from the design.

You may not need this accessory for all your projects, but for detailed designs like this one it’s essential. I would have missed some pieces trying to do this the old-fashioned way.  

Once everything was weeded, I placed the iron-on design on a shirt and used my Easy Press to adhere it in place.

The Brightpad Go has been a game changer for me.  It has made weeding so much easier.  Being able to see all my cut lines really simplified this normally complex process.  Plus, the lightweight, thin, portable design of the Brightpad Go is wonderful.

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Cricut brightpad go easy weeding

Do you find weeding tedious?  Are you thinking about trying out the Brightpad Go or have you found a different solution?  What questions do you have?  Comment below and let me help you.

Thanks for checking out this project and for visiting!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.