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HTVRONT Hat Press Review

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Let’s take a look at the brand new HTVRONT hat press! This machine has a very specific use and can help you create stunning hats in your craft room.

This post may contain affiliate links, view my full disclosure policy. Thanks to HTVRONT for sending me this hat press to review, all opinions are my own.

A hat press is just what it sounds like, a heat press specially made for hats. This machine allows you to successfully press HTV, iron-on vinyl, or sublimation ink onto a hat blank using a curved heat source and solid, round, base.

HTVRONT hat press machine

This is the third heat press from HTVRONT, they also make an auto heat press and an auto tumbler press. Take a look at my reviews and all the projects I’ve made using these machines.

HTVRont auto heat press set up in craft room
HTVRONT auto heat press
HTVRont auto tumbler heat press machine
HTVRONT auto tumbler heat press

HTVRONT hat press – what’s in the box

This machine comes stand alone or as part of a bundle. What I’m showing you here is the stand alone machine, all of this comes in the box.

I am a big proponent of bundles when getting started with a new craft tool or technique. A bundle provides you with everything you need including blanks, tools, and material in addition to the machine.

With a bundle you can test everything out then buy more of the materials you like using. You tend to save big when going the bundle route too.

The HTVRONT hat press box includes the following

HTVRONT hat press in box
  • Hat heat press
  • Hat pressing lid and base
  • Ironing mat
  • Storage bag
  • Manual

The design and packaging of this hat heat press is very thoughtful. I like a machine that comes with a storage case or cover. I don’t use my machines every day and I like to store them away and keep them clean. A dust cover or some type of storage system is perfect for this.

hat press in bag

The actual heat press stores away nicely inside a locking storage container that includes a heat proof base. The base is a safe place to set your press while it’s heating up.

The lid doubles as a pressing form. The insulated mat sits snugly over the form and locks into place with elastic straps. Hats of all sizes fit over the pressing mat.

hat press in container

Hat Press buttons

Like the other HTVRONT heat presses, this one is very easy to use. The buttons resemble both the auto press and tumbler press.

The manual does a nice job of explaining the functions so be sure to keep that on hand. Although, once you use it a few times it will become second nature.

Here’s a quick overview of the functions and digital screen.

hat press buttons
  • Power button turns the machine on and off and also acts as the start and stop button for the countdown.
  • The settings wheel helps you toggle between time and temperature. Press once to adjust the temperature, press twice to adjust the time. Hold it down for 3 seconds to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • The plus and minus buttons move the time and temperature up and down.

Temperature can be set between 210 and 390 degrees Fahrenheit and time can range from 1-600 seconds.

There’s an indicator light that will flash white when it is powered on. It will flash red when the machine is heating and green when it is ready.

Hat Press safety features

Safety is always a priority when working with crafting tools. A heat press can get very hot and needs to be handled appropriately.

The machine will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of non use. It will beep then shut down for your safety.

The insulated base has holes in the bottom to allow for air flow. You can safely set the HTVRONT hat press on the base while it’s heating and in between projects while it’s on. It’s perfect for allowing the machine to cool as well.

The handle is always cool to the touch and easy to grip. Working on a curved surface you could slip, but this compact machine is super easy to hang onto.

How to use a hat press

Creating a hat is a simple project. I’ll walk you through the basic steps of adding HTV to a baseball hat.

hat press hats

First, power on the hat press. To set the time and temperature you can leave it on the base or hold it in your hand to get a better view of the digital screen.

using hat press buttons

Press the set button once then the plus sign to move the temperature to 295 degrees Fahrenheit. Wait for the screen to flash 3 times then the machine will begin to heat up.

Press the set button twice then the plus or minus sign to adjust the time to 15 seconds. The user manual has a good reference guide for time and temperature when using different materials.

Set the press on the base to heat up, it will beep and flash green when it’s ready.

Design and cut a piece piece of HTV, remember to mirror your design and cut from the back of the material. Then weed the excess.

htv design

Place the ironing mat over the lid and attach the two with the elastic straps. Fit the hat vertically over the lid until it’s snug and you have a smooth surface to place the HTV.

HTVRONT recommends adding a teflon sheet over the HTV to protect the design and the heat press. I have tried making hats with and without the teflon and I find I get a better result without it. Just make sure all the HTV is covered by the carrier sheet and the hat press isn’t directly touching the actual HTV.

Press the hat press over the design using firm pressure and hold the power button down for 2 seconds to start the countdown.

pressing hat

Once the countdown is complete, place the press back on the base and let the HTV cool before peeling off the carrier sheet. It’s best to leave the hat on the pressing mat until it cools, this ensures the HTV stays in place.

final hat made with HTVRONT hat press

Things to consider before buying a hat press

The most important thing to consider, is do you need one? Do you make custom hats or want to add this to your craft repertoire? If so a hat press, made specifically for this craft, is the perfect addition. Whether it’s for fun or for your small business, consider adding a hat press to your craft room.

Functionality. Look for a press that has what you need to make hats. This one is easy to use and comes with a pressing mat and lid. It’s not an industrial hat press like this one, but will help you pump out dozens of hats if you need to.

Price. This is a big one for me and I’m sure it is for you too, especially if you are just getting started with hats. You don’t want to break the bank investing in a machine you may only use occasionally.

HTVRONT prices their machines right, they are always budget friendly and hold up to lots of use. I have had my auto heat press for a couple years and use it all the time. It works great and it fit perfectly into my budget.

The HTVRONT hat press debuted in February of 2024 and is currently in a pre-sale. I’ll update this post as offers change.

The hat press alone retails for $79. The bundles range from $89 – $189 and include materials, blanks, tools and more to get your started.

There are always deals going on, plus you can use code PRHAT20 to save 20% through 4/1/24.

HTVRONT pre sale hat press

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for up to date promotions on this hat press and other HTVRONT tools and materials.

My thoughts and recommendations

I never thought I needed a press specially for hats, I was just using a mini press to add HTV to hats. It was cumbersome but it got the job done. However, once I tried a hat press I was hooked. The set up is so much better and really easy to use. And the end result is much higher quality.

My favorite part about this press is the case and pressing lid. It’s really nice that I can store everything away and keep it clean when I’m not making hats. I also LOVE that the ironing mat fits over the lid to create a firm base for all kinds of hats.

I hope this post gave you a good overview of the HTVRONT hat press. If you are ready to add this to your craft room take a look at the machine deals and bundles.

Use code PRHAT20 to save 20% through April 1!

HTVRONT hat heat press

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