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Ikea Advent Calendar with Printable Activities

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An Advent calendar is one of our favorite Christmas traditions.  This year I created something new for my kids that they can’t wait to start on.  I have all the details below, along with a list of printable activities you can use in your own version of this Advent calendar.  It’s also Day 3 of the 12 days of Christmas series. So you will find all kinds of Christmas inspiration at the end of this post.  

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It’s Day 3 and we are sharing DIY Christmas Countdown Calendar Ideas!

How to make an Ikea Advent calendar your own

I make an Advent calendar every year for my kids, the last few years we have used this magnetic countdown filled with candy and activities.  This year I was inspired to do something a bit different by a cute Advent calendar from Ikea.  This set comes with 25 small boxes and number stickers, the perfect starting point for a DIY Advent calendar. 

Ikea Advent calendar

Ikea Advent calendar close up

I spotted this set near the checkout and fell in love, the little characters are so cute, I knew I could incorporate these boxes into our Advent calendar tradition.  

I started by assembling the boxes and adding the numbered stickers to each box, 1-25.  Inside I filled the boxes with candy for each girl and an Christmas themed activity.  

Ikea Advent calendar filled boxes

I pulled an old shelf out of my basement that my Dad made for me when I was young, lined the back with wrapping paper, and placed the boxes on the shelves.  

Ikea Advent Calendar display

My favorite part about this Advent calendar is what’s inside the boxes.  Not only do my girls get a piece of candy each day in December, they have an activity to do that helps us all get in the spirit of Christmas.  I sort these out ahead of time and make sure we are able to do the activity on any given day.  For example, on busy days our activity is reading a Bible verse or Christmas story.  On weekends the activity is making cookies or seeing Christmas lights.  

Ikea Advent calendar filled box

You can print out my full list of activities below, they are small strips of paper that fit easily into any container you want to use for your Advent calendar.

Advent Calendar Activities Printable

Ikea Advent Calendar with printable daily activities

Scroll down for many more DIY Christmas Countdown Calendar Ideas for your holiday season!

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Super Mom - No Cape!

Wednesday 5th of December 2018

Those are adorable little boxes. I'll bet your children are loving opening them!


Saturday 24th of November 2018

I saw these at Ikea the other day and really liked them too! So nice to add activities too!!


Friday 23rd of November 2018

These are super cute & look great on the shelf. Christmas Day is amazing, but so is getting ready for the season and all the fun things you can do.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.