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How to Make Laser Cut Wood and Resin Earrings

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Let’s make custom wood and resin earrings using this straightforward process. We’ll laser cut wood shapes, fill them with UV resin and add jewelry findings to create unique earrings.

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Creating your own jewelry for personal use, gifts or to sell is a fun process and a great way to make unique pieces. I’m sharing some simple laser cut wood pieces filled with resin. I’ll walk you through everything you need to know from cut settings to product recommendations.

laser cut wood and resin earrings 2 pair

Supplies needed for wood and resin earrings

I’m using a diode laser to precisely and quickly cut earrings from basswood. A diode laser is a great addition to your craft room if you are looking to cut or engrave wood, acrylic, stone, glass and more.

Check out this video on how to choose the right laser to learn more.

For these laser cut earrings I’m using the xTool M1 a 10W enclosed laser and blade cutting machine that is super easy to operate, cuts quickly and safely, and creates beautiful products.

xtool m1 full photo

In addition to the laser, I’m using resin to fill the spaces in the wood. UV resin is very easy to work with, there is no mixing required. It is ideal for use in thin single layers and cures quickly with the help of a special light source.

The other option is traditional 2 part epoxy resin that requires mixing and at least 24 hours to cure. Epoxy resin is best for thick layered creations. It’s a great product to work with, but if you are looking for something quick and easy definitely opt for UV resin.

When I first started using this product I chose a kit with everything I needed to get started. I enjoy starting any new craft with a kit, it ensures I don’t miss or forget any key supplies.

This UV resin kit comes with a silicone mat, mixing tools and cups, 2 bottles of resin and a UV light. It’s perfect for dozens of projects and will you get familiar with this process.

UV resin starter kit

Digital Design Files

When creating earrings I like to buy premade design files. This helps speed up the process because I’m not creating a design from scratch and I know the dimensions and structure are perfect.

I like to buy designs in bundles which offer a bunch of designs around a single theme or product type. This gives me options for creating at a really great price. Bundles typically come with multiple file types including SVG which I use in combination with a laser or Cricut.

The designs will also come with PNG and PDF files if you have another use for those types.

There are many places you can look for files. These are a few that I enjoy and have purchased from.

  • Creative Fabrica – this site offers a monthly membership at a super low cost that allows you to download tons of files. They also offer one time purchases for a low price. I like this earring design bundle.
  • Craft Bundles – another site offering millions of graphics, fonts and cut files. Opt for a bundle around a theme you like to get the best deal. This site also offers a rotating selection of free files.
  • Etsy – tap into creatives all over the world to access custom designs.
  • Individual creators – head to google or Pinterest and search for design files. You’ll find many creators offer free downloads on their site along with tutorials on how to use them.
laser cut wood and resin earrings hanging

Laser Cut Wood and Resin Earrings

Yield: 1

Learn how to laser cut wood earrings and fill them with resin for for unique jewelry.



Prepare the wood

  1. Apply wood stain to the front and back of a piece of basswood and set this aside to dry. stained basswood

xTool M1

  1. Turn on the machine, ensure it is vented out a window or connected to an air purifier.
  2. Inside the machine lay down a few triangular prisms and place the stained wood on top. triangular prims in xTool M1
  3. Aline the red dot in the center of the material then close the lid.
  4. Connect the machine to a computer via the USB cord or WiFi.

xTool Creative Space

  1. Open xTool Creative Space, or XCS, and connect the machine. A picture of the material will appear on the screen.
  2. Import the SVG file and size it appropriately.
  3. Click off the SVG and choose the following settings on the right. Set it to a flat laser, choose 3mm basswood as the material and indicate that the material is height raised. Then click auto measure. XCS material settings
  4. Click on the SVG and set the process to cut. The reference settings of 100/5/1 work well for this material. XCS cut settings
  5. Click frame and push the start button on the machine to see exactly where the earrings will be cut from the wood. If you are happy with the placement, click start and hit the button to begin. laser cut wood earrings

Adding resin to wood earrings

  1. Use a UV resin starter kit with everything you need to make dozens of projects. UV resin starter kit
  2. Set the wood pieces on the silicone mat.
  3. Mix UV resin with super fine gold glitter in a silicone cup. glitter in resin
  4. Spoon a small amount into each opening in the wood. adding resin to wood earrings
  5. Place the UV light over the top and press the button to cure. UV light on resin
  6. Flip the earrings over and cure the back side to ensure a solid state all the way through.
  7. Add jump rings and earring hooks to complete this project. earrings assembled


    UV resin works best in thin applications. If it is too thick it won't completely cure and will feel sticky or soft.

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    Making custom jewelry for yourself, a gift or to sell is a fun creative process. These wood and resin earrings can be made is just about any shape then painted stained and filled in endless combinations.

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    How to make wood and resin earrings

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