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Let’s Party!

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Birthday parties, kids birthday parties, have become so much bigger and so much more extravagant than I remember.  I remember really cool parties with stock invitations, decorations, a simple cake and some games.  They were a blast and my parents did a great job. (seriously no complaints here!)  Now a days (I feel old just typing those words) there seems to be this expectation of an over the top party.

A quick search on Pinterest for “kid’s birthday party” reveals amazingly detailed beautiful parties with perfect tablescapes and exquisite desserts.  Some of these could double as a wedding reception.

Now I am not complaining here, I love these over the top themes and am not exempt from trying to throw the perfect party myself.  My daughter has had 2 birthday parties and both were meticulously planned, themed, and coordinated.  I planned for months ahead of time.  I decorated my entire house, all the food invitations and thank you’s coordinated.  Even her dress matched the theme.  For her first birthday we did a Winter One-derland theme with blue and silver.  Her second birthday, her golden birthday, was of course a golden theme.  Totally decked out.

I love all the planning and creating, right up my alley.  If done right these can be very economical.  Purchasing branded invitations, decorations, cake etc. can be pricey.  But decorating for a winter themed party 2 weeks after Christmas is super inexpensive.  Plus I get to do lots of crafting.  I splurge on pieces, don,t get me wrong.  The golden birthday cake was multiple layers with pearl fondant and a big gold bow…amazing and definitely a splurge.

My favorite splurge is invitations.  So I appreciate when a customer asks me to create custom themed birthday invitations.

All this rambling about birthday themes brings me to this week’s project, custom LEGO Invitations!

These are a custom order for a very cool 8-year-old who loves Legos.

lego invite

These were a blast to make, and although time-consuming, pretty easy.  It’s just 3 colors of card stock cut in rectangles and lots of hole punches.  The details of the party are printed, saves lots of time compared to hand writing details on each invite.

So many Lego blocks!

lego blocks 2

lego blocks

I’m excited that we get to attend this soiree, should be really fun.

lego invite 2

If you have a party coming up and want to collaborate on some awesome invitations let me know!  You can see more paper goodies from Original Greetings by Sarah in my Etsy shop.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for visiting.



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Elena Ferdinand

Thursday 27th of June 2013

Hey there! Here from the Facebook Blog Hop and just wanted to let you know I liked your Facebook page! I hope you'll get a chance to check me out also! You can find me here:



Have a great night :o)


Sarah V

Friday 28th of June 2013

Hi Elena, thanks for stopping by. Checking out your pages now! -Sarah

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