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5 creative ways to use a milk jug in the garden

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Upcycle a milk jug in the garden using these creative project ideas.

milk jug before projects

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Most of us use milk jugs, we go through a couple a week in this house. These containers can be reused and upcycled in so many ways.

Today I’m sharing 5 creative ways to use a milk jug in the garden. These ideas are simple and don’t require special skills or tools. I am using most of these this summer as a way to grow herbs vegetables and flowers with minimal impact on the environment.

milk jug in the garden plant markers

I keep a small container garden on my deck, this is just off the kitchen and easy to access when I’m cooking. My hose can’t reach that high so I like to have a watering can easily accessible to keep these pots moist.

Learn how to make this outdoor tiered planter to house your own herb garden.

I am using 3 of these milk jug ideas in my container garden this summer.

Milk jug watering can

milk jug watering can

This upcycle project takes very little effort but the result is so useful. Start with a clean milk jug, wash and rinse it well so there is no residue left behind.

You’ll need a hammer and a large nail. Work on a solid surface, I placed a cutting mat on my outdoor table to ensure I didn’t put holes in the wood.

Pound a half dozen or more holes in the lid of the milk jug.

holes in lid of milk jug

Then fill the gallon with water and screw the lid back on. This creates a gentle watering can that is perfect for these herbs and lettuce.

This size is great for feeding plants too. I add the recommended amount of powdered plant food to a gallon of water and sprinkle it on my container garden every couple of weeks.

milk jug watering can on plants

Milk Jug Planter

milk jug planter

Another easy project is to create a small planter for an herb or flowering plant.

Cut a milk jug in half using a craft knife. Be sure to protect your surface and cut slowly to avoid any slipping. This plastic is quite thin and the blade moves through it smoothly.

cut milk jug in half

Save the top for the next project.

In the bottom portion, slice a few drainage holes, this will help keep the plant healthy. Then add some soil and a plant. I like these for herbs or something with a shallow root. This planter is also good for starting seeds or small plants.

Try this dollar store indoor herb planter for more ways to easily grow and harvest fresh herbs year-round.

Plant Markers

Use the top half of the milk just from the last project, or use a whole jug if you want to create a bunch of these markers.

Cut a few long straight pieces of plastic using scissors. The plastic is thin enough to use regular scissors, but you could also use a craft knife.

Round off the edges so they aren’t so sharp, then cut the bottom into a V that will easily slide into the soil.

plant markers with sharpie

Use a Sharpie to write the plant names on each marker, then stick them into a container or the soil in your garden.

milk jug plant markers

Milk Jug Bird Feeder

Milk jug bird feeder from

A milk jug makes an excellent bird feeder. This project is great for kids and adults and is a fun way to feed birds without buying something new. Find the full DIY bird feeder project from Saving You Dinero for instructions and tips for making your own.

Milk Jug Irrigation

Milk Just irrigation system from

This milk jug idea is cost-effective and so creative. A milk jug, buried in your garden, can work as an irrigation system! Find the full post and all the details at DIY Irrigation Systems from Creative Simple Living.

There are 5 creative ideas to upcycle milk jugs in the garden. Are you ready to try one of these? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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milk jugs in the garden

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