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Modern Updated Wall Curio

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When I was young I had a mirrored wall curio in my room.  I knew it was old, and a little old fashioned for my taste at the time, but I decorated it nonetheless with treasures and souvenirs I collected over the years.  The shelf eventually went back into storage after I went away to college.  Earlier this year my Mom brought it over and asked if I wanted it, I jumped at the chance.  The once old fashioned looking shelf is a gem that I absolutely wanted to keep, it just needed a little love.  I decided to update this wall curio with some color and give it a new home.

A colorful and modern updated wall curio

When my Mom brought the shelf to my house she gave me a little more back story.  This piece was actually in her room as a girl. It came with the house when her family moved in the mid 1950’s.  This back story makes me love the shelf even more.

Modern updated wall curio

This wall curio was dirty, but in good shape.  The mirror however was scratched and not very safe.  I chose to remove the mirror and leave the back open.

I started by cleaning the curio and priming it with my favorite Zissner stain blocking primer.

Modern updated wall curio

The following is an affiliate link. 

This primer blocks out stains and any dark coloring that could show through light paint.  Once dry I painted the inside of the shelf a bright white and the outside a beautiful blue.

Modern updated wall curio

This is the first updated piece in my very neutral and boring foyer.  It’s the only colorful item in there and already the hall is a brighter and happier place.

modern updated wall curio

There is a bench below this that will be updated next along with a few new light fixtures and added colorful accessories.  I want my front hall to set a cheerful tone for the rest of my house, and I am loving how this curio is bringing it life!

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Wednesday 20th of April 2016

So fun! I love taking items and making them more of my style even after I've used them for years. Looks great!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.