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No Sew Sweater Pumpkin

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If you are ready to decorate for fall be sure to check out this playlist which includes the video on how to make this no sew sweater pumpkin and so much more!

fall no sew sweater pumpkin

These sweater pumpkins were inspired by a few cable knit sweaters I had put aside to donate.  They were in fair condition but I just didn’t wear them anymore.  I pulled them out of my donation bin and decided to craft a few pumpkins for fall.

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Watch how to make a no sew sweater pumpkin



  • Sweater
  • Scissors – this is my go to scissors for all my craft projects, it has non stick blades!
  • Rubber bands
  • Newspaper
  • Twine
  • Hot Glue

Decorating with pumpkins is a given in fall, but why not vary the color and texture to give your fall decor a new look this year.  This sweater pumpkin can be made small using the arm of a sweater or large using the body.  Just follow the same steps with different amounts of material.

Here is how to make a sweater pumpkin. 

Be sure to watch the video for an easy to follow tutorial.

Start by cutting the sleeve off of a cable knit sweater, then cut it in half giving you 2 tubes of material.  Turn one piece inside out and use a rubber band to tie off the bottom.  

no sew sweater pumpkin tutorial

sweater pumpkin tutorial rubber band at bottom

Next, turn the tube right side out and begin stuffing it with newspaper.  You can use batting, extra material or newspaper, just something fairly soft that you can shape.  Once you have filled it up you can shape it into a pumpkin, I added extra paper and pulled on the material so my pumpkin would be wide. Once it’s full and shaped, tie off the top with a rubber band leaving a few inches for a stem.

sweater pumpkin stem

I used twine and wrapped it around the last of the sweater to create a stem.  A little hot glue at the top helped secure the stem in place.

no sew fall sweater pumpkin

That’s it, an upcycled sweater pumpkin stuffed with newspaper.  All you need are a few truly basic supplies you have at home.  

If you like this sweater pumpkin, pin it and share it with your fellow fall loving friends!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.