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No Waste Gift Wrap with a Scarf

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A beautifully wrapped gift looks amazing under the tree and always wows the person receiving it.  I love wrapping gifts with creative materials like these Duck Tape bows.  Today I’m sharing a no waste gift wrap idea using a scarf.  Gift a scarf and use it as wrapping paper too!  Nothing goes to waste and your gift looks amazing all wrapped up.  Get the details below, all part of day 9 of the 12 Days of Christmas series.  

scarf gift wrap video

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It’s Day 9 and we are sharing Pretty Gift Wrapping Ideas!

A scarf is always a good gift this time of year, it’s cold here!  The wind is whipping and temps drop below 0 all too often, everyone needs to bundle up. A scarf under the tree is always a welcome and appreciated gift.  Instead of wrapping up a scarf, why not use this no waste gift wrap idea and make the scarf the wrapping paper!  

Watch how I wrapped this small box using a plaid scarf.


Here are the steps so you can try this too.

no waste gift wrap with a scarf (1)

Start by laying your scarf on a flat surface and placing the box in the center.  Grab the two ends and cross them over the box.  Then turn the ends and wrap them around the uncovered sides of the box.  Now that everything’s covered, flip the box over and tie the pretty ends together to close up your package. 

scarf gift wrap

You can add an accent like a sprig of evergreen and a gift tag and you are all done.  Use either side of the gift as the top, they both look pretty.

christmas gift with scarf gift wrap

Put a hat and gloves in the box and wrap it with a scarf for the perfect winter gift.

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scarf gift wrap. No waste gift wrap ideas for Christmas

Scroll down for many more Pretty Gift Wrapping Ideas!


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