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Not your basic picture frame

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I received a beautiful picture of my daughter from my favorite photographer, Nikki Winter Photography, and not only was it perfect it was mounted.  A nice matte finish print on heavy-duty backing.  Very cool, I knew I had to do something special with this piece.

mounted photo in yellow frame


Wandering around Michael’s the other day I found a clock plaque.  It’s basically piece of wood with a hole in the middle…for making a clock.  They had lots of neat shapes for just a few bucks each.  It was perfect.  I picked up a fun one along with some paint and I was off.

Here is exactly what I used to create a “frame” for this mounted photo.


Spray Primer – I had a heavy-duty one for plastic and metal as well as wood on hand, but a basic primer will do.

Yellow Spray Paint


Hot glue

Mounted photo

Clock Plaque

I sanded the rough edges of the plaque and sprayed on the primer.  This gives the paint a nice smooth surface to sit on.  Then once that dried I added 2 coats of bright yellow spray paint.


Super Simple!

Then I just hot glued the photo to the center of the plaque.










So cute, and so easy.

This piece is part of an emerging mantle filled with subtle gray earth tones and pops of yellow (the fabric in the background of these pics is from my curtains, love this color combo!).

Once I finally get everything organized I’ll show you the completed project.

Thanks for stopping

<3 Sarah

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.