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How to Make an Outdoor Game Board

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Learn how to make your own outdoor game board that will keep your family and guests busy and having fun this summer.

outdoor board game checkers

I’m going to show you how to paint and seal a double sided outdoor game board and create pieces to play with! Everything in this project has a natural look and feel meaning this will blend in with any outdoor decor you have.

outdoor board game tic tac toe

Be sure to check out the video for this project and watch step by step how I made my game board.

How to make an outdoor game board

I live with my family in Wisconsin where winters are long and cold, but we enjoy them. We wouldn’t live here if we didn’t like the snow! But when spring finally rolls around I personally get really excited. 6 months of nice weather is a wonderful relief from the cold.

With summer upon us my kids and I spend every chance we get outside. Most of the time that means playing and relaxing in the back yard, sometimes heading out and taking advantage of local attractions.

Our back deck is cozy with a loveseat, chairs and a big DIY table we use for eating and playing. It’s the ideal spot to hangout as a family to watch the sunset, away from neighbors in an otherwise very populated area.

I created an outdoor game board to leave on the deck this summer so we can play impromptu games with whoever is around. This game board is weather resistant and includes a side for checkers and one for tic tac toe.

OUTDOOR game board cover

The game pieces are made from rocks and I store them in a little bag. When the weather gets bad I bring the bag in just so we don’t lose any little pieces! But the board can sit outside and holds up really well in the elements.

Watch the video above to see how I made this project or check out the step by step directions below.

outdoor board game checkers

Outdoor Game Board

Yield: 1
Active Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 4 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $20

Learn how to make an outdoor game board and game pieces.



  1. Start with a 12x12 1 inch thick board that has been sanded and wiped down to remove any dust.
  2. Apply a coat of stain to the entire board, front back and sides. Allowing it to dry on each side before flipping it over. Let the full board dry completely.
  3. Using painters tape, mark off a checkerboard pattern and paint the open squares white. You will need to do this twice to complete the full board. Watch the video to see exactly how to do this step.
  4. On the other side of the board paint lines to form a grid for the tic tac toe board.
  5. When the white paint has dried, add a coat of polycrylic to seal the board. 2-3 coats to ideal for the best protection.
  6. To make the game pieces you will need 24 small rocks. Paint 12 black and 12 red using spray paint.
  7. Make a small mark on the bottom of each piece to signify a King during game play.
  8. Turn 10 medium size rocks into X and O for tic tac toe. Use a Sharpie to add the letters to each rock.

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