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How to Make a Paper Star Ornament and Star Tree Topper

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DIY ornaments are half the fun of decorating a tree. Maybe more than half! This year I grabbed some colorful cardstock and made these paper star ornaments and star tree topper for 2 of my trees. This craft can be used for any style of tree and they are so fun to make! Read on for all the details.

colorful white Christmas tree with paper star topper

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How to use paper stars

These homemade paper stars can be used as ornaments, decorations around your house or as a 3D star Christmas tree topper. Creating a collection of stars allows you to decorate for Christmas on a budget with a big impact.

The most important supply is a pack of festive 12 x 12 scrapbook paper. Using a pack of scrapbook paper or cardstock and a few basic craft supplies you can create a tree full of ornaments and a pretty tree topper.

There are a lot of options for paper, like this Christmas collection. For the paper stars in this post I used a summer themed paper pack with colors that match my white tree.

I recommend heading to Michael’s or your favorite craft store and looking in the paper section, you can usually find really good deals on pads of themed paper. The pack does not have to be Christmas, pick something that has colors and patterns to match your theme.

paper star ornament on white tree

How to Make Paper Star Ornaments and Star Tree Topper

Yield: 1
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Make 3D paper star ornaments using a single piece of paper, or make a larger version to use as a star tree topper.




  1. Start with 2 squares of paper. For an ornament the squares should measure 4 inches each, for a tree topper use the full 12 inch piece of paper. supplies for paper star and tree topper

How to make a paper star ornament - origami folding

  1. Fold and unfold the paper along along the dotted lines shown below to create creases. You will fold in half both ways then diagonal both ways. Unfold and lay flay before the next step.
  2. Fold up one corner of the paper and match the edge to the center line. Then unfold.
  3. Mark the paper where that fold and the center fold meet.
  4. Repeat this on all 4 sides of the paper square.
  5. Cut a slit along the fold line to the pencil mark on each side of the paper.
  6. To make the points of the stars fold each corner inward, then overlap the flaps and secure with glue.
  7. Repeat this process for each square of paper.
  8. Use a tape roller or hot glue to attach 2 sides of the star together.


To make a star tree topper follow the steps above using 2 full 12 in squares of paper then cut a hole in the bottom of the star and slide it over the top branch of the tree.

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paper star tree topper

I have 3 Christmas trees this year. The one above is our classic gold tree. A tall evergreen with primarily gold ornaments mixed with other metallics and white.

Then there is the colorful modern white tree. Each of these trees has paper star ornaments and a paper tree topper. I used different paper for each tree so the stars go well with both styles.

White christmas tree paper cones

The third tree is my kid’s tree, it’s silver and colorful and full of all of their favorite ornaments. I let my girls make their own stars using this method and any paper they chose. It was a fun family craft to do together.

A few tips for making these paper star ornaments.

  • Use scrapbook paper instead of cardstock for easy folding. This paper is thinner and easier to work with. Once you get the hang of these folds, you’ll be able to make them out of cardstock.
  • Try using a tape runner like this instead of hot glue to secure the stars. It’s nicer on your fingers and holds really well. Especially if doing this craft with kids, you’ll want to opt for the safer version.

Turn a paper star into a homemade tree topper

This is an easy transformation. Start with 2 pieces of 12 in square scrapbook paper. Then follow the instructions to make the 3D paper star. When the project is complete you will need to cut a hole in the bottom of the star.

Use a craft knife and cut a hole just large enough to slip over the top branch of your tree. Then slide the star on top and it will stay in place.

This star tree topper is bold and beautiful, I was able to match the theme of my tree perfectly using this gold and white paper.

For under $1 I have a statement tree topper that looks great and I know I can change it next year with out feeling guilty for trying something new.

Keep going and try more papercraft projects. Learn how to fold an origami corner bookmark.

If you want to make these ornaments or tree topper, be sure to pin this and save the instructions.

how to make a 3D paper star

Have you tried making paper stars? Tell me about yours in the comments.

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Friday 13th of December 2019

We have a tree decorated with snowmen this year but our three year old granddaughter insists that the tree should have a star on the top and not a snowman. This will be a great way to make a star with her help. Thanks for creating this craft for us to enjoy together.


Friday 13th of December 2019

I'm so glad to hear this! Enjoy your craft project together.


Thursday 5th of December 2019

Thank you for sharing Sarah! I have been wanting to making a Christmas star like this for a long time. Your tutorial is perfect. Have a wonderful week.


Monday 2nd of December 2019

Gorgeous! Paper crafting is my favorite and I want to go grab some paper now and make these. What a wonderful addition to your tree.

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