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Perfect Purse Tutorial

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Today I’m creating cute little Valentine’s Day goody packages for mine and my daughter’s friends.  This little purse can be used as a favor for any type of party, including a wedding!  The key is how you dress it up.  I used a pink themed paper and a monogrammed embellishment on this one.

(I originally found this idea here and made a few alterations.  It’s not in English but her pictures are beautiful!)

Here’s what I made:

Perfect Paper Purse Tutorial - by Original Greetings by Sarah

Supplies Needed:

12×12 piece of cardstock, preferably with print on both sides

Paper trimmer or scissor


Single hole punch

Corner rounder

Velcro coins

Ribbon (12-24 inches)


Scoring tool

Monogram embellishment

Note:  You can alter the size of this purse to accommodate whatever goody you are hiding inside.  This particular one holds a bag of fruit snacks.

1) Cut you paper into a 12 x 4 inch strip and decide which side you want to face out.

2 sided card stock

2)  Score your strip of paper at 2″, 2.75″, 6.75″, and 8″.  Gently fold on your score lines to create the basic purse.

Folded Purse

3) Use a hole punch to punch 2 holes in the top of the purse about .75″ from each end.

punch holes

4)  Slide a piece of ribbon through the holes and tie a bow at the top.  I cut my ribbon long so I could play around with the bow.  You can alter this step a bit to your liking.  If you would rather not have the handle you can tie the bow snug with the paper and just have a pretty bow on top.  If you want a handle leave some slack between the paper and the bow.  And be sure to double know your ribbon so the bow stays in place.  Using wired ribbon would allow the handle to stand up.

20130128_130558 20130128_131022

5)  Next add your Velcro coins.  The easiest way to do this is to stick 2 pieces together, adhere them to the top flap of the purse, then close the purse.  Much easier than trying to match up  2 pieces already adhered to the purse.

Round your corners and your purse is almost complete


6) Add you goodies.   I chose to add fruit snacks to mine, just taped them to the inside.  This will accommodate a fun size candy bar or small box of candy hearts as well.


7) Optional.  I chose to add an embellishment to the front flap for a little more visual interest.


Viola!  A quick and easy Valentine goody bag.  Once you do one, you can pump out a couple more in no time.  I promise your recipients will be impressed and think you went to a whole lot of trouble :)


Here are the link parties I link up to.

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I Gotta Try That

Saturday 9th of February 2013

I love getting cute little gifts and things in little containers like this. Love it! Hugs, Marcie


Sunday 3rd of February 2013

Very cute! I love the idea of using fruit snacks as a Valentine as well!

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