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Product Packaging for a Small Business

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As a small business owner I’m keenly aware that even the best product can be lost or overlooked if it’s not presented appropriately.  This year I have put a lot of thought into how I package my paper crafts for customers.  I do most of my work online so I don’t usually get to develop a relationship with my customers, we may exchange an email or two, but usually it’s just a transaction. Product packaging is a way to leave a lasting impact on my customers (coupled of course with a quality product).

I typically wrap each item in a plastic sleeve if appropriate then wrap all items in tissue paper.  I add a business card and a tag with a stamped note of “warm wishes” or “thank you” on the top of the package.  I add a handwritten note to their packing slip and carefully pack it all in a bubble mailer.  A couple of weeks ago I even had a customer mention my packaging in her review, it was so sweet!

In my search to find affordable plastic bags and tissue paper, that still stands out and holds up, I came across Bags and Bows.  I had heard of them before, had even seen their logo on the bottom of bags from some of my favorite boutique stores.  I had to try them out.

Bags and Bows offers an abundant array of retail packaging from bags to boxes to tissue paper and bows.  They have exclusive designs and everything they sell will help set your product apart.

If you have a small business I definitely recommend checking them out.  Even if you are not a business, but need packaging in large quantity this is the spot for you.  Wedding favor boxes, containers for baked goods, even gift wrap for the holiday season.

I’d love to hear from other small business owners out there, how do you package your products?  What makes them stand out?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.