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Quick Halloween Teacher Gift

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Upcycle a jar to create a quick Halloween teacher gift.

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This is Little Lady’s first year of school, 2-year-old preschool.  She goes 2 mornings a week and is over the moon about the whole thing.  This week the class is having a Halloween party, complete with costumes.

Last minute I thought it would be fun to put together a simple Halloween treat for Little Lady’s teacher. This is my first opportunity to do a teacher gift, I’m so excited!

I had a glass spice jar on hand that was begging to be re-purposed.

spice jar

The easiest way to remove a label and the scent of the spices is to soak this jar in warm soapy water. Then peel back the label and wash it again to remove any residue.

You can also use Goo Gone to get rid of any stubborn adhesive leftover.

I created a quick graphic using Google Docs and printed the words on orange paper.

I added the printed circle to the cover that reads “Hope You Halloween is a Hoot”, then a stamped owl tag around the neck.

Craft punches come in handy for projects like this. Use a 2 inch circle punch for the note on the lid and a scalloped punch for the tag.

Stamp the tag and tie it with twine around the jar before screwing on the lid.

Halloween teacher gift
Halloween owl tag
Hope you Halloween is a Hoot

Little Lady picked out the paper and stamp colors along with the candy we included.  She is so excited to gift this Halloween teacher gift.  It’s fun to involve her and see how proud she is admiring and giving the finished product.

Looking for more simple teacher gifts? Take a look at this Cricut gift box or these printable cards.

Happy Halloween all!

Thanks for visiting.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.