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Sculpfun S30 Pro Review – 10W Laser Engraving Machine

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A full review of this solid and powerful 10W laser engraving machine from Sculpfun.

This laser was gifted to me by Sculpfun, all opinions in this review are my own, view my full disclosure policy.

A laser engraving machine is an amazing tool for any home crafter. They allow you to cut and engrave many types of solid material like wood, metal and acrylic. If you already own a Cricut or similar cutting machine, and find you want to create more, a laser may be the next step for you.


Shop for the Sculpfun S30 Pro 10W and read on to learn why this has been a great addition to my craft room. Use code KJKXP7 to take an additional 7% off your purchase.

What can a 10W diode laser do?

A diode laser is ideal for cutting and engraving a wide variety of materials. It is safe, small, lightweight and can be used by crafters and hobbyists. Here are a just a few materials you can work with using a 10W laser.

  • Wood; plywood, MDF, basswood, oak, cherry and more
  • Acrylic; solid colors as well as clear with some modifications
  • Metal; stainless steel and certain types of aluminum
  • Ceramic
  • Stone
  • Leather
  • Chipboard or thick paper

For each of these materials you can choose to cut a shape or engrave the surface, or combine both for a project.

Sculpfun S30 Pro 10W

This machine includes a powerful 10 watt diode laser with a eye shield for extra protection. It is set up on a solid metal frame with that can be extended with a kit. As packaged the working area of the laser 380×385 mm.

The laser moves on a bar with extra support keeping the movements smooth. The laser moves fast and this sturdy frame limits the shaking that might occur.

Sculpfun S30 Pro laser engraving machine

One item I love about this laser is the inclusion of air assist. Air assist shoots a steam of air at the material while the laser is running, this prevents burning or charring on the materials and leaves you with a clean and beautiful project.

Most lasers of in this price range do not come with air assist, you need to purchase it separately. It’s a huge bonus and possibly my favorite feature of the Sculpfun S30 Pro.

The Sculpfun lasers come in a variety of styles, you can choose a smaller 5W laser or a high powered 20W machine. This 10W version is ideal for home hobby cutting and engraving.

Sculpfun laser family
Shop all Sculpfun laser models

Laser engraving machine set up

The set up was pretty straightforward when it came to assembling the frame and attaching the laser. Everything is in a box and clearly labeled. You will also receive a laser repair kit, safety glasses and a few sample materials to get started.

Sculpfun S30 Pro laser assembly

With the basic frame set up you can then attach the air assist which will run with every project you make. You don’t have the ability to turn it off or adjust the pressure. So far it has been beneficial in every project and I wouldn’t choose to turn it off.

This model also comes with the option to install limit switches. These are nice to have and automatically stop the laser in the corner and help to home the device when creating a project.

I found the instructions to install these and the effort involved to be too much. I chose not to install limit switches on my model, instead I’m running it as is with no issues.

My one critique is that these switches be installed at the factory so the customer does not have to tackle this task.

The Sculpfun YouTube channel has some good videos on set up and operation. There are some neat project ideas on this channel too.

How to operate the Sculpfun S30 Pro

This laser engraver must be plugged into an outlet and connected via USB to a computer. There is an upgrade kit to allow Bluetooth connectivity but that is a separate purchase.

Sculpfun S30 pro laser wires

Once connected you can use a free software like LaserGRBL to create projects. Or a paid product like LightBurn which has many more capabilities.

When operating this laser always keep the eye shield on and ensure your room has adequate ventilation. I use mine next to an open window and always have a fan on in the room.

Always wear eye protection!

Set the laser on a protected surface, I keep a thick piece of plywood under the laser to protect my tabletop. You can also purchase a honeycomb base that is compatible with this and other similar models. The honeycomb combined with the air assist will ensure very little char along your cut edges.

Sculpfun has an active community on Facebook. You can join this group to connect with the community and discuss various topics related to the machine. This is a great resource when starting out with a diode laser.

Is this laser right for you?

If you are a crafter or hobbyist looking to make the leap from a traditional cutting machine like Cricut I highly recommend a diode laser.

This type of machine will allow you to cut and engrave a wide variety of materials.

Here is what I really like about the Sculpfun S30 Pro 10W

  • Air assist comes standard
  • Solid sturdy frame and laser arm
  • Powerful 10W laser
  • Price! $519 at the time of this writing. Find the current price here. Use code KJKXP7 to take an additioanl 7% off

A few drawbacks to this particular model

  • The limit switches do not come installed and are difficult to set up
  • Must use a wired connection to a computer
  • There are a lot of cords and wires that come with this machine. Just use caution and ensure everything is out of the way when operating the laser.
Sculpfun S30 Pro laser engraving project

Final impressions

Overall this a great laser engraving machine for any home hobbyist or crafter. It will allow you to expand your projects while cutting and engraving dozens of materials.

The air assist is huge at this price point and makes the Sculpfun S30 Pro a great buy.

If you are looking for more laser content, reviews and tutorials head over to my YouTube channel.

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