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How to Sharpen Scissors and Punches

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Get those craft tools in good working order this year with this simple technique.  I’m going to show you how easy it is to sharpen scissors and punches. 

Your projects are only as good as your tools right?  A dull blade is nothing but frustrating and ineffective, watch how easy it is to sharpen your scissors and punches in this video.

How to sharpen scissors and punches

How to sharpen scissors and punches

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Grab a roll of heavy duty aluminum foil and gather all your punches and scissors.  I have been acquiring punches for years, and I use some of them A LOT.  My 2 inch circle punch gets almost as much use as my go-to pair of scissors.  

To sharpen scissors, tear off a piece of foil and fold it a few times so that you have 4 layers of foil.  Then cut the foil with your scissors a dozen times or so.  The foil sharpens the blade and revives your scissors giving you clean cuts on any material.

You can sharpen punches using the same method, but start with just one layer of foil, too thick and it will clog your punch.  Slide a piece of foil into the punch and press it a number of times to sharpen the edge of the blade.  


Sharpening scissor blades and punches is something you can do as often as necessary, especially with the tools you use most often.  I try to do this once a year for all my scissors and punches, it keeps them in good working order and allows me to keep creating beautiful projects. 

This technique is great for upkeep but it won’t make your tools last forever. When you can no longer sharpen those blade and you paper isn’t cutting as cleanly, it’s time to buy a new tool.

A final tip to keep your scissors is tip top shape, use them only for their intended purpose.  I have fabric scissors, a couple general purpose craft scissors and a non-stick scissors.  These all have a specific purpose and are not used outside of my craft room. 

We keep a scissors in our kitchen for household tasks but the craft scissors are off limits.  This is just another simple way to help your tools last a long time.  

Do you have any tips for keeping your scissors and punches sharp?  I’d love to hear them.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.