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Side Hustle Update March 2015

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As a blogger I am very motivated by the success of other bloggers in my niche.  It’s an interesting little world we work in.  I am not discouraged or intimated by the success of others.  It’s not like a brick and mortar store just like mine is opening down the street and taking all my customers.  The internet is vast and there is room for all of us, at least in my opinion.  No two blogger are the same, each brings his or her own flavor to their posts.  I enjoy reading and learning from monthly updates and income reports from some very successful bloggers.  I am starting to see some monetary success and want to share it with you not to brag but rather to show you the tools I am using to grow my business.  However, I am a pretty private person (what, a private blogger!) and I am not comfortable sharing every penny that I earn.  I’ve decided instead to share a monthly Side Hustle Update that is a little more vague but will still {hopefully} be of value to you.

Side Hustle Update March 2015 from Creative Ramblings

I have 2 Side Hustles at the moment.  Be sure to read Why You Need to Get Yourself a Side Hustle if you are not familiar with this term.  These are income sources outside of my full-time job as a Stay at Home Mom.  Below you will find an update on both my Etsy shop and this blog.

Original Greetings on Etsy

Shop opened April 2012

Purpose:  To create and sell handmade paper creations for parties and celebrations.  I have always been a passionate paper crafter and this is my creative outlet.

Items in the shop: 18

Sales in March: 8 orders with a total of 18 items.

Paid Promotion: none this month

Hot sellers:  Gray and Yellow Chevron Banner and Bee Favor Tags

Gray and Yellow chevron banner

Thanks for beeing here favor tag

What have I done differently: (this will compare month to month after this first report)  In 2015 I scaled back my listings to include items that I can make and ship relatively quick.  I still offer custom orders but not to the extent I was last year. I did a number wedding invitation orders which were an undertaking.  This model allows me to make and ship orders easily and still enjoy the creative process.

What I am focusing on next month:  My yellow and gray items have done well for a several months, in April I am promoting the two listings above to try to capitalize of their popularity.

Creative Ramblings Blog

Born February 2013

Purpose: To share my thrifty creative journey along with tips for simple living.  Read more here.

My income sources in March:

  • Collective Bias/Social Fabric
  • The Blogger Network

I track my income and expenses using this spreadsheet.  I tally income as I am paid, my income for March was generated in February and paid within 30 days.  Below is a list of the companies I use to monetize my blog.  The links noted with an * are affiliate links.  You can view my full disclosure policy here.  Some of these companies I am registered with and have never done a paying campaign, others are regular favorites.

I find it beneficial to join communities as I am able, you never know when the right campaign may come along.

[Tweet “Monetize your blog with these networks #blogging @CreativeRamble”]

Paid promotion/advertising this month.  I have tried Facebook promotion twice in 2015 and have had spectacular results both times. In March I paid $10 to promote this video and gained new followers as well as traffic to my YouTube channel and blog.

What I focused on in March: I focused on video and twitter.  I use CrowdFire to manage my twitter followers.  With this app I am able to see my who unfollows me and weed out accounts that are no longer relevant.  With video I have found that short, less than 1 minute, craft videos are a great compliment to a post.

Focus for next month: Organizing my blog tasks and growing my YouTube following.  As my blog grows I find it harder and harder to keep up with everything that goes into making it tick.  I need to stay focused on creating great content but cannot let the other tasks go by the way side.  As for YouTube I am reading and learning about different ways to optimize this platform and gain followers.

This update keeps me on track and I hope offers you something tangible that you can use to help grow your business.

Tell me about your month, did you see growth?  What’s working {or not working} for you,

Thanks for visiting!

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Danica R (@MemoirsOfAMommy)

Sunday 12th of April 2015

Thank you for sharing your tips & listing your affiliates. I will look into them!

Jane (@LimeadeGal)

Friday 10th of April 2015

You have offered some very valuable information. Greatly appreciate your kindness. I'm slowly but surely joining communities. My main focus right now is getting my blog out there and seen. My blog is less than a year old, so I am still tweaking and fine tuning!


Sunday 12th of April 2015

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts Jane. Getting out there and seen is huge and you are right joining communities it a great way to do that.


Friday 10th of April 2015

This is such a helpful and well written resource for a new blogger like me. A lot of those groups won't accept me yet, due to my numbers, but I am working hard to make my content interesting.


Sunday 12th of April 2015

Thank you Christy, that's sweet. Good content will grow your numbers. Keep these networks in mind when you get there, it won't be long :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.