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5 Ways to Have a Simple Summer

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My girls and I are spending most of our time at home this summer, enjoying the simple pleasures of the season. This means my home and yard will be well loved by not only my kids but their friends too.  I am all for making messes in the name of fun, it’s part of being a kid, what I am not a fan of is all the clean up. I want a clean house, who doesn’t, but I also want to avoid harsh chemicals on the surfaces my kids use daily.  Take a look at these 5 ways to have a simple summer, plus the products I am using to clean up after all the fun.

5 ways to have a simple, and clean, summer.  5 ways to have a simple and clean summer  Stay Home  Turn off screens  Invite friends  Turn on the water #NaturallyClean [ad]

5 ways to have a simple and clean summer

Stay home and go outside

It’s amazing what kids can do when left with their imagination and a little supervision. I like to let my oldest (4) create her own adventure in the backyard with the one year old not far behind.  A few basic toys, and usually some sticks and rocks, and she has a day’s worth of adventure.  Staying home allows us to take breaks, have snacks, make our own lunch, and take naps.  No eating out and spending extra money while toting around tired kids.

simple summer fun, eating outside #NaturallyClean [ad]

Turn off screens

When left, with a little supervision, alone with a screen a child will rarely leave that screen.  I have seen my daughter get sucked in and cry when it’s time to turn off the TV.  I’ve found it best to start the day outside or in the playroom and not even mention screens. No school and warm weather need to be taken advantage of.  Kids are active and happier when they can move and play instead of watching a screen.

Invite friends over

In our neighborhood we are lucky enough to have lots of kids at home this summer.  Often times we just have to step outside to see who’s out and the kids will play til we make them come in to eat.  Kids need social interaction, sometimes more than a sibling can offer.  I have the advantage of seeing not only our yard, but most of my neighbor’s yards from my deck and driveway.  I am able to let me daughter run and play and feel like she has some freedom while still keeping an eye on her.  Inevitably she comes home dirty, tired, and hungry, all signs of an amazing day.

Turn on the water

Here in the midwest we never really forget about winter, it always feels like it’s just around the corner.  That’s why we tend to take advantage of every warm day we get during the summer months.  My kids love the sprinkler and we use it about once a week.  In order to save water I fill up the water table or let them water the potted flowers {and each other} most days.  Pools, water parks, and splash pads are great, but once again this is just simpler.  We can can come in for snacks and nap and never have to whine about a car ride.

Get messy

Getting messy is part of being a kid.  I am not a huge fan of dirt and sticky things, but my kids sure are.  I chalk it up to making memories.  I remember making mud pies and playing in the ditch with my brother.  Amazing times that my Mom put up with and I’m so glad she did.  I want to give my kids similar memories.  The goal is to keep the mess outside as much as possible.  Although our indoor craft projects can sometimes be messier than a day in the dirt.

How to have a simple {and clean} summer at home #NaturallyClean [ad]

It can be difficult to keep summer outdoors – grass stains, mud and dirt, treasures found on walks, sticky finger etc.  I want to keep my home clean and prefer not to compromise green to be clean.   I picked up a few Clorox Green Works products at Target, the only retailer that carries the entire Green Works line.  I have used these products daily for all our summer messes and really like their effectiveness.  I have been fan of Clorox for a long time, their products always get the job done.  I was happy to see this new line of naturally derived and affordable products from Clorox that clean powerfully without the harsh chemical fumes and residue.  These products are made with plant and mineral based ingredients, and use environmentally sustainable packaging when possible.


You can view the full line of Clorox Green Works products here and see some creative uses for those products here.  This week you can pick up any of the Green Works products at Target 3/$8.

To clean up every day messes like the kitchen table, craft projects, counter tops, and the bathroom I have been using Green Works All Purpose Cleaner and Cleaning Wipes.  Both products are tough on messes and leave a fresh scent without a harsh chemical residue.  I feel comfortable wiping down surfaces with these products that my kids will eat their next meal on.

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Green Works all purpose cleaner #NaturallyClean [ad]

The Green Works dishwashing liquid has all the cleaning power of other soaps I have tried.  It leaves sparkling clean dishes and it’s gentle on my hands.  This is great for the endless amounts of cups and hands that need to be washed.

Green Works Dishwashing liquid #NaturallyClean [ad]

The Green Works laundry detergent has gotten a work out in our house.  It’s made from naturally derived ingredients that remove all kinds of stains.  It works in both standard and HE machines and leaves my clothes smelling fresh without chemical residue.  My girls insist on wearing dresses most days, and I just hate to see them get all dirty and stained.  I need a powerful detergent to help keep their dresses clean and looking presentable.

Green works laundry #NaturallyClean [ad]

We are having a fabulously simple summer by following these 5 tips:

  • Stay home and go outside
  • Turn off screens
  • Invite friends over
  • Turn on the water
  • Get messy

I’m also keeping my house relatively clean, and green, with Clorox Green Works products.  Letting my kids get dirty and make a mess all in the name of fun is what summer memories are made of.  It’s refreshing to know I can safely clean up after them and feel good about the products I am using around them.

How are you spending your summer?  What tips do you have for keeping your home clean with kids around?

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Monday 19th of June 2017

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Gina Young

Monday 20th of July 2015

Having with the kids doesn't mean that you always have to be "going somewhere" or spending lots of money. I totally agree.... simple can be fun!


Thursday 16th of July 2015

Great tips! These work not only for the kids, but also for adults. Let's enjoy this summer! #client


Thursday 16th of July 2015

I totally agree, great for all ages!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.