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Snowflake Jar Luminaries

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I live in the Midwest, when winter rolls around it tends to stick around for a very long time.  The weather has a way of influencing my decorating and has inspired me to create these snowflake jar luminaries.  

Currently, I’m creating snow and winter themed pieces to use around my home for the next couple of months.  Come March I will be tearing those down and feverishly putting up Spring decor in hopes of ushering in an early Spring.  

I’m going to show you how to use sauce jars, that you already have at home, to create beautiful luminaries for the season.

Snowflake jar luminaries

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Because winter can be long I like to decorate before Christmas with winter themed items that I can keep up through the new year.  Neutral pieces with snow themes tend to work for Christmas and beyond.  Today I am sharing these snowflake jar luminaries I made that will work in my home for the next couple of months.

How to Make a Snowflake Jar

Here is what I used to make these snowflake jar luminaries.

I started with clean sauce jars, I save all my jars for crafts they really come in handy.  They tend to be much less expensive than buying new mason jars.  

To clean glass jars wash out the sauce then soak them hot soapy water, this will help remove any sticky residue form the outside. After a few minutes, scrub the outside of the jars and any remaining adhesive should come off.

empty sauce jars for snowflake jar luminaries

I used a snowflake paper punch to make stencils from Con-Tact paper.  This Con-Tact paper has a temporary adhesive and removes easily revealing nice crisp stencil lines.  You can also you your Cricut to cut snowflakes that are more detailed than this. I cut a few using each method for this project.

Snowflake jar luminaries with Contact paper

I peeled the back off the Con-Tact paper snowflakes and pressed them onto the glass jars. Once the stencils were in place, and I removed any bubbles creating a nice seal, I sprayed them with Rustoleum Frosted paint.  This goes on just like spray paint but leaves a thin frosted layer behind.

Frosted glass spray paint for snowflake jar luminaries

I followed the instructions on the can of paint and let the jars dry for about 30 minutes before removing the stencils.  I let them dry for about another hour to ensure they were truly ready to use

To decorate these snowflake jars I filled them about a quarter of the way full with dry white rice. You could use bean, pebbles, rocks or any other material at the bottom. The rice serves to hold the tea light in place and raise it up off the bottom of the jar.

Snowflake jar luminaries

I placed battery operated LED tea lights in the jars and use these these luminaries around my home all winter long.

These jars will make their way around my house for the duration of winter.  They add a cozy glow to these evenings when it gets so dark so early.  The frosted glass paint adds a wintry effect and softens the glow of the tea lights.

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Create these snowflake jar luminaries with sauce jars and frosted glass spray paint. An easy winter craft project.

Tell me, how do you decorate for winter?

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Thursday 9th of January 2020

I absolutely love all things “snowy”, from snowflakes to snowmen! Thank you for sharing this beautiful project. I’ll be making them this weekend! PS I’m also a jar-saver; my daughter says I need a support group ;P


Tuesday 14th of January 2020

I'll be in your support group :) I'm so glad you like them, thank you!

alesa Moss

Thursday 9th of January 2020

Quick way to remove those sticky labels,spray lightly with W-40 or Pam and wait a few minutes. Labels come right off!


Tuesday 14th of January 2020

Great tip! Thanks for sharing.

Michelle James

Friday 24th of August 2018

These are gorgeous! I love that frosted glass spray paint. It is definitely one of my "go to" products!

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