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Stenciled Ikea Door Mat

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My front porch is decorated with colorful flowers and a fun summer wreath, but my door mat was looking a little tired.  I picked up an Ikea Trampa door mat for under $5 a few weeks ago and brightened it up with paint.  This is how to make a custom stenciled Ikea door mat.  

Make this stenciled Ikea door mat by layering 2 stencils

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I knew I needed a new doormat but couldn’t decided on what style.  I was walking through our brand new Ikea a few weeks ago, really just taking it all in, when I saw this door mat for $5! I grabbed it, knowing I would find some inspiration and make it work with my colorful front porch.  

Stencil Revolution was kind enough to send me some stencils try out and I thought they would be perfect for this project.  Their stencils are sturdy and wash up easily, they also have some fabulous designs.  You can see the designs I used below and view my full disclosure policy here.


  • Ikea Trampa Rug
  • Stencils – Welcome and Chevron Horizontal both 18×12
  • Painters tape
  • Sponge and stiff bristle brushes
  • Craft paint – black and 2 shades of teal

Stenciled Ikea door mat supplies

I started by placing the chevron stencil in one corner of the rug, securing with tape.  The tape doesn’t hold the stencil very well so I also used a few heavy jars to hold the corners of my stencil in place.

I painted every other opening with a darker color, then went back and filled in with the lighter color.

how to stencil an Ikea door mat

I moved the stencil down and then over lining up the rows and continued to paint.  

stencil an Ikea door mat

I started with a foam brush, but found that to get the color down into the rug a stiff bristle brush worked best.  When the background was finished, I placed a welcome stencil on top and filled it in with black paint again using a stiff bristled brush.  

Stencil welcome on an Ikea door mat

I pulled off the welcome stencil and went back and filled in the gaps in the letters that are usually left from a stencil. I wanted one continuous line for this word.

layer stencil Ikea door mat

This rug completes my summer front porch and is the perfect way to welcome guests.  

Make this stenciled Ikea Door Mat

An important note.  This rug and paint are not weather proof.  My porch is tucked under an awning so the rug does not get wet.  I am going to take extra care watering my flowers this year to keep this rug nice and clean.  I will also bring it in during winter.

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Ikea Rast Hack with paint and hardware, before and after. #MymenardsDIY #HickoryHardware

Ikea Rast Hack

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.