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String Easter Egg Garland

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Last year I shared a fun technique for creating decorative string Easter eggs. I love how these look displayed in a basket for the holiday.  

This year I decided to make a few more of these string Easter eggs, but use them in a fun new way.  This Easter egg garland is strung up along my mantle this month and looks beautiful with my other bright and cheery Spring pieces.

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Pretty and easy string Easter egg garland

Last week I was a guest on The Morning Blend and shared step by step how to make these eggs as well as how you can use them in your décor.  Take a look at the clip below or get the step by step instructions here.

To make these eggs I used:

Doing a messy craft like this on live TV was a bit of a risk but it was so fun!  I think the hosts enjoyed get their hands dirty and learning something new.  

Making them at home with my daughter is always a blast, she loves getting messy and popping the balloon when they are dry.

Here’s a recap on how to make this string Easter egg garland.

Start with a small balloon, a water balloon is the perfect size and shape for this project. Blow it up and tie the end into a knot.

Pour Mod Podge into a small bowl, loosen some embroidery floss and soak it in the glue.

Gently pull one end out of the bowl, removing any excess with your fingers as you go. Then wrap the string around the balloon. Continue wrapping until the balloon is covered and resembles the shape of an egg.

Set this aside and let it dry. Once dry you can pop the balloon and remove the pieces leaving an egg behind. Then string these eggs onto a garland to decorate your home.

I am using 6 of these little eggs in my garland, strung on a piece of twine. It’s a simple look that blends perfectly with my other décor.

String Easter Egg Garland

Thanks for visiting, and Happy Easter!

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String Easter Eggs using Mod Podge.

String Easter Eggs

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Glitter Easter Eggs

Ombre easter eggs

Ombre Easter Eggs

Easter carrot garden pudding cups made with Snack Pack Pudding cups, Oreos, Graham crackers, and candy carrots.

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Wednesday 5th of April 2023

I did this with my students this year and we strung them on multi colored fairy lights to hang in the door alcove. It looked really cute!


Tuesday 18th of April 2023

What a great idea!

Linda Krenz

Wednesday 26th of February 2020

These pretty little eggs are gorgeous. I love using garlands in my decor and these are perfect for Easter. Thank you for video too!

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