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Tablecloth Tassel Banner

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This tutorial for a easy to make tassel banner is something you will want to save and pin for your next party.  This is an easy DIY that costs about $1.  Get the full tutorial below and be sure to save this post for your next party.  

Tablecloth tassel banner backdrop

I made this peach colored tassel banner for a wine tasting, it was a last minute addition that I was inspired to create when I saw a pretty swirled plastic table cloth.  You only need a few supplies and after you make this once you’ll be whipping these tassel banners up for every party.

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Tablecloth Tassel Banner



  1.  Start with a rectangle plastic tablecloth and fold lengthwise 4 times.  Cut along one folded seam so the bottom is open.  
  2.  Cut fringe along the tablecloth starting on the side with no seams and going up leaving about 1 inch of space before the fold.
  3.  Cut fringe apart leaving 3 layered pieces in each section.
  4. Open one section and lay flat, then tie with a piece of baker’s twine. 
  5. Fold the section back over itself to create a full tassel.
  6. Attach each tassel to a longer piece of baker’s twine to create a banner.  

tablecloth tassel banner

This DIY tablecloth tassel banner is so easy to make.  One tablecloth, from a Dollar Store, can make a full and colorful backdrop for any party.  Combine a few colors and string them around your home, over a buffet or gift table and around table edges.  These versatile tassels hold up better than tissue paper and can be reused.  

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.