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The Best Cricut Storage Cart for organizing your machine and materials

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This post is sponsored by Cricut, all opinions are my own.

Create a Cricut storage cart for your machine and materials that will keep your craft space organized.

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If you love to craft you no doubt have materials, tools and supplies in your home ready for your next project. Keeping everything organized can be a daunting task, but a necessary one. Knowing where everything is and having a place to work will inspire you to create.

I have a dedicated craft room, you can walk through the full tour and see how I organize everything. It’s a converted dining room and the space is perfect for a craft business.

If you are working with a small space or just a corner or a room, a mobile storage unit might be the way to go.

I’m sharing how to choose and organize a Cricut storage cart that can move around your space and hold everything you need to craft with Cricut.

storage cart for Cricut maker

How to choose a mobile craft cart

This storage cart is for a elementary school, and it will be moved around from classroom to classroom. The machine I chose is a Cricut Maker 3 and the cart needs to hold the machine and everything a teacher could need to create a project.

When choosing a cart I needed something sturdy and on wheels. There is no shortage of cute storage carts out there, but one wide enough to fit the Maker is a little more difficult to find.

I opted for this 12 drawer storage cart that is just wide enough on top to hold the machine, and sturdy enough to house all the materials and accessories while on the go. This cart can be found on Amazon or Michael’s, it comes in shades of white or the rainbow option that I am using.

rainbow mobile 12 drawer cart

Once I chose a cart I took some time to figure out what would go in each of the 12 drawers. This cart is for a school so I had the teachers in mind when working on this step.

How to organize a Cricut storage cart

I wanted to fill the cart with the most common and most used materials and save space for the teachers to add more items down the road. I also wanted to house the cords, accessories and cutting mats on the cart. It needs to be a one stop shop for Cricut crafting.

Store vinyl rolls in drawers

I filled 10 drawers, leaving 2 open for future use, and these are the categories I settled on.

  • Tools
  • Accessories
  • Vinyl
  • Removeable vinyl
  • Iron on
  • Cardstock
  • Transfer tape
  • Scaps
  • Blanks
  • Cords

Open this Design Space file to cut these labels for yourself.

The font is Babette and I made sure that each word was under 4.5 inches to fit the side of the drawer. Then I cut them out of white permeant vinyl. I used a piece of transfer tape to move each label from the backing to the drawer.

If you are new to Cricut, be sure to watch the video in this post where I cover in detail how to cut and apply vinyl labels to these drawers.

Most projects require a cutting mat and these drawers are too narrow to house them. So I added a command hook to the side and hung the mats on that. The mats hang perfectly between the metal support bars.

Be sure to watch the video to see how the drawers are filled.

cutting mats on a cricut storage cart

Common Cricut Storage Cart questions

What types of materials will this cart hold?

Each drawer is 10 inches wide by 14 inches deep. They hold rolls of material including smart vinyl. They will also hold 8.5 x 11 cardstock.

How do you organize Cricut tools and accessories?

Avoid placing small tools and accessories loose in a drawer. Choose smaller containers, or drawer organizers, that fit in the drawer then fill those with tools, blades and pens. Cricut bladesCricut tools

Can you operate the Cricut on this cart?

Yes, you can plug in the Cricut and operate it right on the cart. However, the cart may move a little especially on smooth flooring. It’s helpful to lock the wheels, or move the Cricut to a solid surface for cutting.

This Cricut storage cart is a great way to create a mobile craft station for a school or your home. It will hold everything you need to create projects and help keep you organized.

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How to organize a Cricut storage cart

Looking for more organization ideas? Take a look at this Cricut cart offering shelved and vinyl roll storage.

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