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The Perfect Winter Jar Gift

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Learn how to put together the perfect winter jar gift.

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The holidays are over and it’s cold!  Everyone is getting back into their normal routine and we are braving the cold weather as we go about our days.  

This time of year also brings colds and other illnesses that can make anyone downright miserable.  Today, I put together an easy winter jar gift that you can give to just about anyone this winter to help keep them warm, cozy and healthy.  

This gift works for a friend who is a little under the weather and might need a pick me up. It also works for your healthy friend. We could all use a nice pair of mittens and some creamy lotion. Make a few this year and give them out as the occasion arises.

And who wouldn’t appreciate a little something to brighten a dreary winter day?  Take a look at how easy this winter jar gift is to put together.

The perfect winter jar gift. Add a few items to keep a friend comfy and warm this winter. Plus a free printable tag.

Any quart size glass jar will work for this gift. I opted to use an empty candle jar this time around because I had it on hand and even after cleaning it out it still smells so good!

How to clean a candle jar

To clean out this candle I placed it in my sink filled halfway with hot water. Then I poured a kettle of boiling water into the candle and let the wax float up to the top.  

As the water cooled I scooped the wax out and threw it away. Do not let the wax go down the drain, this can clog your pipes. When scooping the wax out wear gloves, or wait until the water cools enough to touch it.

Once the wax was removed I washed it well with soap and water to remove any remaining residue. Now this jar is ready to be reused.

clean out a jar candle to create a warm winter gift

A winter jar gift should be filled wtih cozy and essential items that anyone can use during these cold months. I chose the following.

Try adding a few extra items like chocolate, coffee pods, cough drops or essential oils. Anything you think would help someone feel warm and cozy this winter.

FIll a jar with little items anyone could use to stay coxy warm and healthy this winter.

I filled up the jar with all the items except the mittens, choosing instead to wrap those around the outside and tie them up with ribbon.

I also wrapped a simple tag around the jar to dress it up a bit. You can create your own simple tag or handwrite a note and tie it on with ribbon.


If you’d like to use this tag, download and print it below and put together your own warm winter jar gift.

Warm winter wishes jar gift printable tag

Download Warm Winter Gift Tag Here

The holidays may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue the tradition of giving to those around us.

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What would you add to this winter jar gift?

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This post was originally published in 2016, updated with new information in 2020.

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Thursday 24th of December 2020

Clever idea. Merry Christmas.

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