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Tie Dye Projects

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This technique has been around for a while and it’s fun for all ages. Find inspiration in these tie dye projects and learn how to create your own.

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What is tie dye?

This is a fun process that’s been around since the 60’s. It’s the art of resist dying done by tying off sections of fabric and dying the exposed parts bright bold colors.

There are tons of ways to tie off fabric and create shapes and patterns. A simple spiral, an easy crumple, or an intricate heart. All these methods will result in unique shirts.

The easiest way to create these colored garments is using a 1 step kit like this one from Tulip. The bottles come pre filled with powder, just add water and shake. The kit also includes rubber bands, plastic sheets and gloves. Everything you need to create a bunch of projects.

tie dye kit and supplies

Take a look at this step by step process and learn how to make a tie dye heart with a few extra embellishments.

final heart tie dye shirt

Check out this super simple spiral tie dye shirt, still one of my favorites.

Tie dye projects work best on cotton fabrics. You can use something that’s blended with polyester but the colors won’t be as vibrant. Keep this in mind when choosing a garment.

Another fun technique is reverse tie dye. For this process you start with a dark color garment and use bleach to remove the color.

tie dye with bleach sweatshirt final

What can you tie dye?

Just about any fabric item made with mostly cotton can be tie dyed! That means tote bags, hats, sweatshirts, socks and more.

I’ve collected a few inspiring tie dye projects that will make you want to create right now. Click through each photo to see the creators process and learn how to make it on your own.

Tie Dye Projects

Colorful projects that will inspire you to tie dye at home.

Are you ready to make colorful art you can wear? Give one of these tie dye projects a try. Start with a one step kit to make it easy, and have fun!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.