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How to Throw an Easy Toddler Christmas Party

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Get ready to throw a toddler Christmas party that little kids will love.

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It’s the holiday season and Christmas parties are happening left and right.  School age kids have classroom parties, adults have work parties, then there are family and friend get togethers.  

I have small children and often times they tag along but rarely do they get a party of their own. I thought it would be fun to throw a toddler Christmas party for my 2-year-old and her friends with food, crafts and decorations tailored just for them.  Here’s how you can throw a Toddler Christmas Party.

How to throw an easy Toddler Christmas Party

These Christmas party ideas are easy to replicate, take a look at my product recommendations and simple ways to display food and activities.

I wanted to have a party with a few snacks, one craft and one activity that 2-3-year-olds would enjoy. Kids this age really just want to play and explore, so too much structure would be a bit much.  I opted instead for a simple set up that they could partake in at their leisure.  

Here’s how to throw an easy Toddler Christmas Party

To streamline your party planning, check out this free printable event planning template from Free Organizing Printables, it’s a great way to plan and keep everything in order.

Pick a theme.  I chose red and white winter items that I know I can reuse for other events. These decorations hold up really well and I’m looking forward to using them for my family Christmas party too. Many of these decorations can be found at Oriental Trading or on Amazon.

Choosing a colorful yet simple theme is ideal for kids this age. They love bright colors and are too young to appreciate anything super intricate.

Create a photo booth. I chose a winter back drop and hung it up in my kitchen, a big statement with very little effort.  I paired that with a set of winter hats, scarves and other fun photo props that the kids and adults can use to take silly pictures.

Little kids can grab a prop and pose in font of the winter back drop. The props are easy to hold with wood handles and big cut outs. Adults can get in on the fun too and post with the kids.

If you want to craft a little before the party, you could always make your own photo props. Try these zoo animal masks made out of craft foam. Use this idea to create winter animals for the party.

Toddler Christmas party photo booth
Toddler Christmas party photo booth

Chose a craft. I chose an easy craft, a snowman picture frame, that kids can work on with an adult.  They just peel and stick the pieces together.  Very little mess!  This craft works really well with the winter-themed photo booth.  It makes for a cute memory after the party.

You can use a small portable photo printer that connects to your phone and print the photos during the party. This way kids can add their picture as soon as they are done with the craft.

Toddler’s really want instant gratification so having these photos available right away is the best way to go.

Toddler Christmas party

Set a kids sized buffet. For food I went simple, really simple.  Kids can be picky so a fancy spread is really not necessary.  I chose carrot and celery sticks, yogurt pretzels, and string cheese.  

I served water and juice in cute straw bottles that kids can take home after the party.  The food was set out on a kid-sized table so little hands can reach.  

Keep in mind if you set out the toddler Christmas party food at kid height, then they will grab at everything. Be sure to use non breakable dishes and finger foods that won’t create too big of a mess.

Timing is everything for toddlers. Plan a party between naps and ideally not during a meal. Mid morning can be a great time to get these kids together after a nap. Or try a party in the afternoon before dinner.

Toddler Christmas Party

Here are a few more pieces you can add to this toddler Christmas party

  • Christmas game. Keep it simple but create something fun for kids and adults to play together.
  • Christmas carols. Turn on a holiday playlist and sing along to some favorite tunes.
  • Gift exchange. Have each child, or family, bring a small gift and host an exchange. Each child will go home with a special gift from the party.

These few activities, simple food and pretty decorations make for an easy and festive toddler Christmas party.  To top it all off I sent each friend home with a festive gift box that included a fancy lollipop, their craft with a photo, and a bottle. A few mementos from a fun party.  

What would you add to this Christmas party for little ones?

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