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How to Trick or Treat 2020 During Quarantine

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2020 is a year like no other. With Halloween just around the corner, learn some creative trick or treat ideas while you are staying safe at home.

Ideas for Trick or Treat 2020

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Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays. We get to dress up, decorate the house, enjoy festive candy and drinks, and party with friends.

Many of these traditional styles of celebrating will have to change in 2020. Staying home and staying in our respective bubbles doesn’t mean that Halloween is cancelled! It just means we need to find some creative trick or treat ideas.

Kids and adults can still have fun this Halloween. Check out these creative ideas.

Creative Ramblings - BOO it Forward Bat BOO Kit
A boo kit is a container of treats dropped secretly on a neighbor’s porch. This tradition fits perfectly in a 2020 Halloween celebration.

Dress up!

Go all out, DIY a costume or buy one you’ve had your eye on. Just because you have to stay close to home, doesn’t mean you can’t wear a costume.

Nora dragon costume front
This simple no sew dragon costume is something my daughter plays with year round.

Eat and Drink in Style

Throw a party for 2 or 4 or however many reside in your household. Make the snacks, mix up some festive drinks and eat the good candy.

Green witches brew Halloween cocktail
A 3 ingredient cocktail dressed up for Halloween.

If traditional trick or treat is not happening in your neighborhood then you can save some money not buying those big bags of sub-par candy. Why not buy just the candy you and your family like.

Go for the good stuff and enjoy it with the ones you love.

Trick or Treat at home

Ready for a fun way to trick or treat without leaving the house? Here’s our plan for 2020 and the kids are super excited.

  • Create 10 individual treat bags for each child. I am using Ziploc bags with a few pieces of their favorite candy in each one.
  • Hide the bags around the house. While the kids are playing outside I am going to hide these treats really well throughout our entire home.
  • Set the mood. We’ll turn down the lights, set glow sticks around the stairs and other obstacles and play some spooky music. The goal is to really set the scene of a spooky Halloween house.
  • Hunt for candy. I’ll give the kids flashlights and turn them loose to find their candy. I’ll give them a few ground rules first like nothing is hiding in the basement or outside. I have a feeling this hunt will take a while.
  • Enjoy the findings! Once all the candy is found, we’ll keep the lights low and enjoy pizza and a movie picnic style in the living room.
jack o lantern

2020 is a crazy year but I’m lucky enough to be safe at home with my family. Instead of sulking and focusing on the things we can’t do, I’m trying to make the most of a very unique situation.

Paint and Glitter Dollar Store Halloween Candles

Find more DIY Halloween costumes, décor, drinks and more right here.

Pin and share this with friends and enjoy Trick or Treat 2020!

Trick or Treat 2020

What creative family fun ideas have you come up with this year? I’d love to hear about them.

Thanks for visiting!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.