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What I love Wednesday – Kitchen Command Center

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While browsing through Pinterest do you look at the organized pantries, kitchen command centers, clean counters and think yeah I could do that!?  Me too!

Then I glance over and my kitchen and think wait…..maybe I can’t do that.

It was even worse in our old house.  A 1920’s bungalow with 4 upper kitchen cabinets and about 3 feet of counter space.  The only saving grace in that kitchen was an old fashion spice cabinet.  Floor to ceiling, about 3 inches deep and 12 inches wide.  Every spice was displayed perfectly and easy to reach.

Fast forward to this house; I have lots of cabinets and infinitely more counter space.  I do remember my spice cabinet fondly as I dig through my current cabinet for a spice I think I have…somewhere.

But I digress.  So this week I’ve been browsing through Pinterest for kitchen command center inspiration.  I need a place for a menu, grocery list, to-do list, maybe a in/out mail box.  A place for all the daily items that typically end up in a pile on my counter.

Here are some that I love.

WB 069

From Whipperberry, a menu on the side of a buffet – genius!

From Clean & Scentisble a place for everything with a family name plaque – love it!

PicMonkey Collage3.jpg

From Linda Martin, a Menu Planning Control Center. This has everything I would need to be organized and prepared for the week.

Bulletin board command center with calendar

From One Mile Home Style.  I love how simple this project is, and it looks great.

So where is my perfectly organized kitchen command center?  Still in my head.

I made some progress last week with a menu board and am working on a streamlined to-do list.  I figure I’ll take it step by step, get all the pieces in order, then get it up on a wall.  I do have a big blank one just waiting to be filled.

upcycled menu board

Tell me about your kitchen?  What do you want to make happen in your space?

Have any drool-worthy command centers you want to share?  Let’s hook up on Pinterest and share the dream :)


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.