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How to easily make wood burned ornaments

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Learn how to create simple wood burned ornaments for your Christmas tree.

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Wood burning has been around for years, and some people are incredibly talented at this craft. I just picked it up a few months back and can already see how people get hooked on wood burning.  

It’s a lot like painting or drawing, but with a more dramatic effect.  I made two simple wood ornaments using my Silhouette and an inexpensive wood burning tool.  

After this project I am ready to make ornaments for everyone on my Christmas list this year.

Yes you can create these easy wood burned ornaments, 1 simple tool and a few easy steps. Pin this now and save it for Christmas.

Here is what I used for these wood burned ornaments:

wood burning

You can create wood burned ornaments using a freehand approach. Just use the tool directly on wood. For my first project I wanted a stencil to help guide me. You could purchase one, but I chose to create my own.

I started by designing my ornaments in the Silhouette design studio. I used shapes and text to create a stencil that will lay on top of each wood ornament.

I then cut these stencil designs from card stock. I used simple designs that wouldn’t be too intricate to burn, the word NOEL and a chevron pattern. Then I traced the designs with pencil onto the ornaments.

Wood Burned Ornaments

This wood burning tool comes with four tips that allow you to create different effects.  A few months back I experimented with all the tips on a scrap piece of wood to see what each could do.  For this project I used the cone and shading tip, one to trace the design and one to fill it in.

Wood burned ornaments

I toyed with the idea of staining or painting these ornaments but opted to leave them natural.  I love how the burned design looks on plain wood.

Easy wood burned ornaments

There are many other ways to create wood burned ornaments. Since this original post I have experimented with other techniques using this tool. These wood slice ornaments are a simple free hand design.

I have also use a scorch marker and heat cut to create a similar effect. Watch how to use a scorch marker to create beautiful and intricate wood burned ornaments.

scorch marker and wood blanks

The most intricate and involved way to burn wood is with a laser. There are so many options out there for at home hobby crafters to get into laser engraving.

I own and have reviewed a number of machines and highly recommend this one as a budget friendly, powerful laser engraving and cutting machine. Watch the full review of the Aufero Laser 2.

I hung these ornaments on my tree, but I think I will make a few personalized wood burned ornaments for gifts this year.

Have you ever tried your hand at wood burning?  I’d love to hear about your project.

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