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xTool M1 Laser and Blade Cutting Machine Review

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A look at the xTool M1 laser and blade cutting machine, the first of it’s kind, and how it can fit into your craft room.

This post is sponsored by xTool, all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, view my full disclosure policy here.

xtool m1 full photo

A new machine that combines the power of a laser to cut and engrave along with a blade for thinner materials. This machine does what typically requires multiple tools in one sleek enclosed box that fits on my desk.

What is the xTool M1

A hybrid laser and blade cutting machine from xTool, a company known for it’s high quality lasers. The combination of these functions allows you to cut and engrave hundreds of materials to create just about anything you can imagine.

The laser is a 10W diode laser that actually combines 2 beams grouped into one powerful thin spot. This allows you to cut through 3mm colored acrylic in one pass or 10mm wood in 2 passes.

The .08 x .08 mm laser spot ensures great accuracy and detailed engraving on all your projects.

The blade is similar to one you would find on a Cricut or Silhouette machine. It is ideal for vinyl cutting as well as paper, felt and fabric. The set up comes with an adhesive mat that sits in the enclosure to hold your finer materials.

xtool m1 inside

Smart built in features

A 10W diode laser like this one is a great tool to have in your craft room, it’s basic but powerful. The M1 brings a host of smart features that enhance the user experience when laser cutting and engraving.

  • Integrated camera. The enclosure has a camera built into the top, when the lid is closed and the software is running a real time picture is shown allowing your to place designs with higher accuracy.
photo of material inside machine
  • Auto-focus. Many lasers of this caliber need to be manually focused by inserting a spacer above the material. With the xTool M1 you can use the software to auto measure your specific material to ensure perfect cuts and engraving.
  • The machine comes with a set of triangular prisms, these simple metal pieces are designed to sit under material that you intend to laser cut. They help reduce smoke and char on wood creating cleaner designs.
  • The M1 can be connected to a computer with a USB cord, or via Wi-Fi. There is also an app you can use to control the machine with your phone.

Safety features

A few stand out safety features from the M1 that make using this machine in your home possible.

  • A safety enclosure that covers the entire working area.
  • A light filtering lid for viewing projects safely. If this lid is opened during the process the machine will stop.
  • A built in fan and ventilation hose to pipe smoke and dust out a window.
  • The machine is preassembled taking the guess work out of the process and ensuring it is set up correctly and safely.
exhaust on xtool m1 machine

xTool Creative Space Software

This free software comes with a user friendly interface similar to Cricut design space. Here you will find design elements, fonts and editing functions for your own images or designs.

There are also predesigned projects with multiple layers that you can create with just a few clicks.

project in xtool creative space


The 10W Deluxe bundle includes a few fun accessories that open up your creative options. You receive a premium materials package containing wood, metal, acrylic, paper, vinyl and so much more. This package allows you to test a wide variety of materials to see what works best for you.

material booklet

The Rotary attachment 2 pro is also included with the deluxe package. This attachment sits inside your machine and holds any kind of engravable cylinder such as glasses, mugs, tumblers, rings and more.

xtool m1 rotary accessory

You are able to engrave on all surfaces as the tool rotates while the laser works.

A set of risers comes with the deluxe bundle allowing you to raise the enclosure and insert larger materials beneath the laser.

There are many other accessories and materials you can purchase form xTool to enhance your laser experience.

Blade cutting with the M1 vs Cricut

I have been using a Cricut for years and love the capabilities of the Cricut Maker 3. Here are my initial thoughts on these 2 machines.

The Cricut has more options for cutting vinyl, it can cut longer rolls and smart materials that do not need a mat. The software comes with a huge selection of images and design options too.

The Cricut allows you to change out the blade for a pen, engraving tip, rotary cutter and more.

However, the ability to blade and laser cut all with one machine and one software is a huge plus.

blade housing on xtool m1
Blade tool that inserts into the laser and blade housing

The M1 takes up less space then both a Cricut and laser, and it’s easy to switch between wood cutting and vinyl quickly.

The included mat is a large size and in my tests so far the cuts have been perfect every time using the recommended settings.

Watch this video for a full setup, review and simple layered project using the xTool M1.

My recommendations

As a crafter I love trying new tools and materials. It’s fun to see technology evolve and learn how it can assist my creative process.

If you are a crafter looking to upgrade a Cricut or Silhouette and you have been thinking about laser engraving or cutting then this is absolutely the right tool for you.

Choose from the basic machine or the deluxe bundle to fit your crafting needs.

I will be sharing lots more M1 projects that include laser engraving and cutting as well how to create projects with layers that pair the laser and vinyl.

Follow me on Instagram and YouTube for a first look at all my projects.

What questions do you have? What do you want to see next? Let me know in the comments.

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Xtool m1 laser and blade cutting machine review

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