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xTool P2: The Best Home Laser for Cutting Acrylic

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The most effective way to cut acrylic and make incredible items to sell is with the xTool P2. This powerful CO2 laser might be right for your craft room, let’s talk about what it can do.

This post is sponsored by xTool and contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own, view my full disclosure policy.

xTool P2 in white with pink background

I’ve been crafting with lasers for a couple years and I have found some amazing ways to take my crafts to the next level. Most lasers I have used have been diodes. Take a look at my diode laser playlist for more on this type of machine.

You can also find reviews of some great diode craft lasers like the xTool S1 and M1 as well as the Glowforge Aura.

xTool P2

The P2 is a powerful 55W CO2 laser that now comes in white! It’s the same machine as the previous gray color, but the white aesthetic fits my craft room so well.

I chose to upgrade to this type of laser for a very specific reason, I wanted to cut all types of acrylic. A diode laser has some limitations and can only cut opaque acrylic and has a difficult time with white and blue colors.

This CO2 laser cuts all types of acrylic like butter allowing me to create so much more. This type of laser has a higher absorption efficiency helping you cut thicker materials at a faster rate.

acrylic projects made with xTool P2

Check out this video to see how quickly I made these translucent acrylic earrings for Valentine’s day.

P2 specifications

Large size. The bed inside the laser is 26×14 inches allowing you to make big projects without adding any accessories.

Fully enclosed. Safety is a high priority for xTool, take a look at this open vs closed laser video to learn more about why you should opt for an enclosed machine. I feel safe and confident operating this machine in my craft room.

Safety features. The P2 has a few features that really give me peace of mind when operating this in my home. There is an emergency stop button on the side if something goes wrong and I need to stop everything. I also like that the lid locks when the laser is working.

55W CO2 laser. Cut and engrave materials like acrylic, wood, metal, ceramic, stone, and more. With up to a 600mm/second speed your jobs will get done fast. You can cut a 20mm piece of acrylic in one pass.

xTool P2 open in a craft room

Dual cameras. The P2 houses two cameras that capture images of your material so you can accurately place designs to help make the most of your materials.

Easy software. XTool Creative Space runs all of their lasers and is very easy to use. The software allows you to upload your own designs or use the images and tools to create within XCS. You can connect the machine to your computer using either a USB or WiFi connection.

Autofocus. A great feature of most enclosed lasers is autofocus. Place your material in the machine and close the lid. The autofocus feature will measure the distance from the laser head to the material ensuring a perfect cut and engrave everytime. The P2 even allows you to engrave on curved surfaces.

Air assist. This comes standard with the P2 and increase the efficiency of the laser and reduces burning or charing on the edges of materials.

Accessories. As your crafts expand, the P2 can grow with you. Add a riser base to engrave taller items up to 8 inches. A passthrough and conveyor allow you to engrave long items. The rotary attachment creates engraved tumblers with designs all the way around.

xTool P2 with accesories

Venting. All lasers need to have some type of ventilation. The P2 comes with a fan and a vent hose that you can run out a window or attach to a smoke purifier. This helps keep the air around you clean and safe.

Easy set up and connection. The machine is almost completely assembled, just read the instructions and watch the video to learn how to get your xTool P2 up and running in no time.

Laser cutting acrylic

Acrylic is a trendy product and as a crafter this material is so versatile. You can make all kinds of crafts from jewelry to nightlights, bookmarks and home decor.

This CO2 laser is capable of cutting and engraving all types of acrylic, you are not limited to certain colors or styles like you are with a diode.

xTool acrylic options
A sample of xTool acrylic materials

Learn how to make a pair of Valentine earrings in under 1 minute, and how to create a custom layered plant stake in the video in this post.

If you are ready to jump into acrylic crafting, I highly recommend the xTool P2. Take a look at their current promotions.

acrylic jewelry with xTool P2

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