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Crafit Compact Rolling Craft Storage Cart for Cricut

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Do you have a small space for crafting? I have some helpful ideas for organizing your Cricut and craft supplies using a craft storage cart.

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When I first started crafting as an adult, in my own space, I used my kitchen table. My supplies were stored in bins throughout my apartment and I pulled out what I needed when I was working.

In my first house I carved out a space in the upstairs hallway for a little table and stored bins underneath for easy access. I was always looking for ways to make my supplies easy to access so I could spend my free time crafting instead of setting up.

Today, I’m sharing a cute little craft storage cart with you that I am using in my craft room. This is exactly the kind of cart I would have loved in my small space days. It’s on wheels for easy access and it keeps a machine, tools, accessories and lots of material rolls organized.

craftit craft storage cart small space

I’ve shared many organizing ideas with you over the years, all in an effort to take some of the stress out of your hobby. I know when I’m organized, and can find what I need, I enjoy myself more.

Walk through my craft room with me to see how I organize my cabinets and drawers. Then check out this 12 drawer cart that I put together for a classroom.

I have also shared a larger version of this craft storage cart that holds even more if you have the space. It’s on wheels and has lots of room for material rolls, but it adds a few more shelves and a drawer for extra convenience.

Cricut cart for storage and organization

Crafit Compact Rolling Cart

Let’s take a look at this cart. It’s available on Amazon, and shipping is fast. It will come to you in a flat box with easy to follow assembly instructions. If you’ve put together Ikea furniture before this will be a piece of cake.

empty craft storage cart

The cart measures about 30″ tall, 24″ wide and 9.7″ deep. Take a look at the shop listing for more detailed measurements.

The top fits a large Cricut Explore or Maker with a little room around the sides. It’s sturdy enough that you can run your machine on this cart. Unlike other brands, the Crafit carts do not shake or move when the machine is running. Be sure to lock the front wheels if you are on a hard surface for added security.

machine on top of small craft storage cart

Under the shelf there are 4 hooks on each side, ideal for hanging your favorite tools or cutting mats. Most cutting tools have a hole on the end for hanging as do Cricut cutting mats.

The shelf can hold flat materials like paper or cardstock, or an EasyPress with room to spare. The 9×9 model fits perfectly. You could also add some bins or containers to this space for smaller accessories or vinyl scraps.

The best part of this cart are the 30 slots for vinyl rolls! Store adhesive vinyl, HTV, transfer tape and anything else that comes on a roll in these slots.

The only drawback here is that if you have a lot of material that isn’t on a roll it’s not as easy to store. But if that’s the case take a look at the larger Crafit cart with a drawer and a few more shelves.

How I organized this craft storage cart

I used this cart to hold my Cricut Explore Air 2, a solid cutting machine and still one of my most recommended machines.

Cricut storage cart for small spaces

I set the machine on top and have used it on the cart. This is key, some less sturdy models shake too much when you run a Cricut, but this one is nice and solid.

The hooks to the left hold my most used tools; weeding, scoring stylus, scraping, scissors and lifting tool. On the right I used just 1 of the hooks to hold a cutting mat. You can absolutely hold more mats on this side, I just opted for one.

hooks and shelf on small craft cart

The shelf below holds 2 containers for scraps of iron on and vinyl. Always save those scraps, they come in handy for small projects. Write on labels are easy to make, watch how I made these with writable smart labels.

There is also room on the shelf for an EasyPress mini and a jar of Cricut pens and writing tools. I can even squeeze my power cord on this shelf, behind the containers, when the machine is not in use.

Below in the roll holders I organized my favorite colors of HTV and vinyl.

Vinyl rolls in craft storage cart

This cart is easy to move around on wood floors or carpet, the front wheels lock and hold it in place when it’s in use. I like that I can easily move the cart around to where I am crafting, and tuck it away in a corner when I don’t need it.

Other ways to use this craft storage cart

If you have a little more space you could use this cart for just supplies and materials, and leave your machine set up or stored elsewhere. That would allow you to store an EasyPress on top and more bins for accessories, blades and materials on the shelf below.

You could also use the top surface as a crafting space. Keep a smaller machine like the Joy or Joy Xtra on the shelf below and weed and assemble your projects on top.

This craft cart is ideal for organizing your Cricut machine and materials in a small space. It’s affordable, functional and will do exactly what you need it to.

Ready to get organized? Shop for this craft storage cart and follow me on YouTube for more craft projects and organizing idea.

small space craft storage cart

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